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Unable to purchase Robux via App Store for my child’s Roblox

As the father of a child under the age of 13, I am often tasked with giving permission for her to purchase / install apps on her iPad, including purchases of Robux for her rather popular Roblox app. Sometimes though the permissions don’t seem to work, and I either don’t get the notification at all, or trying to act on it doesn’t work as expected. Here’s how we fixed it.

Despite her best intentions, such as saving her pocket money and literally giving me the money to pay for her desired Robux purchases, something screwy seems to go wrong with the whole Parental Controls thing when it comes to the Apple app store.

She would request the Robux purchase. The app would tell her she needs to ask permission. She’d do that. I’d get the notification. I’d try to open the notification (which for some weird reason has started opening in Apple Messages). I’d click View in Store. I’d get a message on screen, “Cannot Connect to App Store”.

What we tried

Restarting both iPads; shutting them down and cold booting them up again (not just a restart).

Making sure both iPads had the most up to date versions of iOS.

Making sure she had the most up to date version of the app. To be fair, these first two or three things have normally fixed things for us in the past. Not this time.

Googling a lot.

In some desperation, even going to Bing.

Yelling a lot.

How we fixed it

Need to give the credit to my 11 year old here.

Her idea was to install Roblox on my iPad, and then log into it using her account. We then made the purchase of Robux and because it went via my natural Apple App Store, no permission was required (which is good because my parents would have said no).

Back onto her iPad, and restarted Roblox, logged in, and voila! Robux purchase was there!

I could then remove Roblox from my iPad. This kind of work around / fix might work for other apps too, so long as you have another Apple device that can be used to install the app on. If this has helped you, please let me know in the comments!

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4 comments on “Unable to purchase Robux via App Store for my child’s Roblox

  1. Tried purchasing robust for my child when she sends the notification to me I never get it and we have to wait 24 hrs to try again how do I fix that.

    • Hi Jolene, Thanks for your comment.
      To be fair, I don’t know! I was basically having the same issue in that I wasn’t ever getting the notifications.
      Long story short, my workaround was to install Roblox on my own iPad, have my daughter sign in to that, purchase the Robux (which then just wanted me to verify on my own iPad) and then when she logged back in on her own iPad, the Robux was there.

      Hope that helps!

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