Electric Mayhem Solutions believes in a cost structure that allows customers to feel confident they are getting the service and support they need at a fair and reasonable price.

Some level of consultation is recommended to assess whether a call out is required.

Home PC / Troubleshooting

Call out fee
$50 (plus GST)

Hourly fee
$60 (plus GST) charged at the half hour

First hour
$90 (plus GST) minimum charge, includes call out fee

The first hour of a new job is only $99 (inc GST) and then charges are calculated every half hour beyond that.

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Website build and/or design

Initial Consultation
2 hours free. Ideally over a coffee!

Web Project Cost
Once the scope of the project has been established, a project cost is agreed to based on the approximate number of hours required to complete the project, at a rate of $70 (plus GST). A discount is then applied on the project, meaning the overall cost is less than the hourly rate.

Domain Names and Web Hosting
The cost for Domain Names and Web Hosting varies on the supplier, though is all attributed at cost. We use and recommend VentraIP for both of these services, though YOU remain the holder of the rights to your Domain Name and your Web Hosting plan (and therefore also responsible for renewal).

Costs for Domain Names and Web Hosting usually start as low as $150.00 per year.

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EMS WordPress Maintenance Plan

Yearly fee
$120.00 (plus GST)

What you get
Full backups, weekly
Incremental backups, daily
Twice monthly updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins
Critical updates done ASAP, over and above the twice monthly standard updates
Firewall protection
Contact form / email spam protection
Fast caching to boost website performance

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