Electric Mayhem Solutions provides home and small business computer technician services for the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland region.

Troubleshooting all manner of in-home computer issues to get you up and running quickly, let Electric Mayhem Solutions come to you!

Electric Mayhem Solutions, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, specialises in providing in-home computer technical services, repairs, and troubleshooting for all manner of PC hardware and software issues.

  • Computer, printer and/or other device setup and troubleshooting
  • Internet / NBN / WiFi / modem setup and troubleshooting
  • Email setup and troubleshooting
  • Popular software setup, eg. Office 365
  • Tablet/iPad and other mobile device connection and troubleshooting
  • Virus and/or Malware detection and cleaning
  • Plus website development, domains and reliable web hosting

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Any of the above can be a frustrating and time consuming chore. Electric Mayhem Solutions untangles the mess, and gets you up and running quickly!

Contact your local computer technician at Electric Mayhem Solutions today!