What we do

Having worked in a computer driven environment since the late 1990s, there isn’t much we haven’t seen or haven’t had some experience with, and understand that technology is not always “user friendly”. Coupled with how quickly things change, it is little wonder that people look for assistance from time to time.

General Troubleshooting

an icon of services WiFi/NBN not connecting properly or some of your devices keep dropping off the Internet?

Unable to send or receive emails?

Unable to see the printer or print to it from your phone, iPad or laptop?

PC just makes beeping noises at you when starting up and you get nothing but a black screen?

Things can go wrong in the computing world, and invariably they do! Have Electric Mayhem Solutions take a look and advise on the best way forward to enjoy hassle-free computing.

For computer repair and general IT support services on the Sunshine Coast, Electric Mayhem Solutions can help you!

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Hardware and Software Setup

At Electric Mayhem Solutions we look to get you up and running at home in the quickest time possible, whether it be issues with setting up your computer, connecting to the internet, setting up your email, connecting to a printer or trying to use and understand popular software products such as Office 365.

PC Tuning

Computer acting slow or seems like it needs a clean up? Why not have us at Electric Mayhem Solutions give it a once over, clear out the junk, and otherwise troubleshoot what is slowing you down?

Virus and Malware Detection

an icon of servicesSeeing weird behaviour happening on your computer and think you may have a virus, or similar? Electric Mayhem Solutions can scan for viruses and malware and investigate the best way to clean your computer of these nasties.

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Website Services

Electric Mayhem Solutions also offers all manner of website services, from building websites, setting up domain/hosting services, and website design services. If you are in need of a website then Electric Mayhem Solutions is here to help.

Website development

an example of a responsive website across different devices This is the sort of service you need if you already have a website designed, but you need someone to build the site for you. Designing and developing are often two very different roles, and a web designer may not always have a “go to” developer on-hand to take this on for you. This is where Electric Mayhem Solutions comes in.

Using the latest in web technologies and based on the world’s most popular platform, WordPress, we can get your site up and running and collaborate with your designer to make sure the vision comes to life, online.

Recent Projects

Website design

Of course, you may not yet have a design. Perhaps you have tossed a few ideas around and have a general picture of how you’d like your site to look, or maybe you’ve seen a few different websites and thought about having something similar.

Here at Electric Mayhem Solutions we can also take on the design work. Once we have had a chat and have asked a few questions about the sort of direction you wish to take, we can present some ideas on design that can be discussed, altered, and then brought to life through our development services.

Domain names and web hosting

If you don’t already have a website, you will need to organise both a domain name and hosting services. With so many host providers out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Electric Mayhem Solutions has been working with one of Australia’s largest hosting providers, through which domain names can also be purchased, resulting in cost effective, yet highly stable and reliable web hosting services.

Want to move domain registrars or shift your existing web site to a different host? That’s no problem also.

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WordPress training

Although WordPress is considered relatively intuitive, sometimes you need that little helping hand to get you started. Electric Mayhem Solutions can provide tailored training sessions for you, so that you can get the most out of your website straight away and be confident in knowing how to “update that image gallery”, “create a new blog post”, or “add a new user”.

These training services can be done at times best suited to you, and generally run online where screens can be shared.

WordPress maintenance (EMS Maintenance Plan)

WordPress is a very popular, and extremely powerful website and blogging tool. So much can be done with it, and a lot of it can be done free of charge! This means WordPress itself is free, and there are literally thousands of themes and plugins out there also free of charge.

These themes and plugins, as well as the WordPress core product, are constantly being updated with improvements or have additional security measures added to them. Take up the EMS Maintenance Plan for a small fee per month and these updates will be done for you!

Not only that, but your website will be backed up in full regularly, and additional security measures put in place to help keep any would-be hackers out. That’s a bargain!

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Affiliate Services

I have been a customer of VentraIP for domain name and web hosting services for 15+ years, and always recommend them to my customers. Their service and reliability in both the domain management and web hosting space make them the best in the business, as well as being very well priced.

As such, using the link below provides me with a small kick-back should you also take up their Domain Name and Hosting services.

Give VentraIP a go, you won’t be disappointed!

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