Why a JPG will not display (IE8)

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A rookie mistake no doubt, but whilst troubleshooting another issue a client had found on one of my sites when viewed on Internet Explorer 8, I noticed something else odd. Some images weren’t displaying.

Nothing too sinister about these images, they are JPEGs (.jpg), they are small, other images in the same format worked fine.

So why is it that a JPG will not display in IE8?

Having a look around the web I saw other people having a similar issue, and a lot of the help provided suggested checking IE settings (making sure images were set to display) and things along those lines. But I knew this wasn’t my problem, considering other images worked perfectly fine.

It wasn’t until this morning when I decided to compare two images (one working, one not) that I finally discovered the issue; the imageĀ mode.

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Fast. Cheap. Good. Why You Can Only Pick Two

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And one of the two you should always pick is "good".

Too often, too recently, and too many times have I either been directly affected by such a decision, or have born the brunt of having to work with a decision that's been made when trying to create something, such as software, where a choice has had to have been made between making it quickly, cheaply, or doing it well. You can only ever pick two. Unfortunately most people think you can pick fast and cheap, and that then making a good product will be fluked our will somehow just happen. It never does. Never.


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