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Of course you do! Wouldn't be here otherwise, right?

Getting a quality, modern and standards compliant website designed and built is not as expensive or "out of reach" as you may think.

Let me get you on the right path.

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If you don't already have a website, you'll need a host as well. Let Electric Mayhem Solutions find one for you.

You can get a raft of services from a variety of hosting partners for only a small monthly charge, as well as domain name registration.

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Whether it's getting your new PC up and running, hooking into a network or securing your wireless, Electric Mayhem Solutions can take out the stress of these tasks.

With over 15 years industry experience, no network is too old or new. I've probably seen it before!

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We've all been there. PC acting strangely, unexplained events, things dragging to a grinding halt. Could you have picked up a virus?

With a broad set of tools for viruses, spyware and malware, I can help get things back working the way they should.

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